Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Wasn't Really Said

Hey folks.  Just a notice here--this blog is pretty much dead.  It might have been obvious, due to the lack of posts for days, months, years, but just to really clarify, it is.  I am leaving it in existence as a historical document for my previous art projects, but nothing new will go here.

I have since stopped making "art" in the formal sense of the word and have moved onto other projects.  At present I am making jewelry, publishing small conceptual books (under the umbrella name Sincerely Analog) that hope someday to fully escape the label of "zine" and trying my hand at writing fiction.  A book of my short stories, entitled Down and Out on a Yacht, will be released later this year by the lovely Two Plum Press.

If you wish to keep up with me and my projects, while I presently do not have a personal website I highly encourage you to visit the above links and follow those blogs.  Additionally, I keep a personal tumblr where I mostly post inspiring images, sound, clips, etc. but information about my projects tends to wind up on there too.

I appreciate your interest, now and always.  

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